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What Forces Are Driving the Housing Market?

Many hopeful homebuyers are having issues securing a home. Provided by Elsass Financial Group   Recently, you may have seen reports that a record-low number of homes are available for sale—roughly 1.03 million nationwide. If you compare that to the average number of...

What to Do With Your 401(k) When You Retire

Here's how to manage your 401(k) savings after you retire. U.S. News & World Report looks at utilizing your workplace retirement account when you retire. Learn More

11 Financial Steps to Take When a Loved One Dies

It is difficult to cope with a loss, but it's best to be prepared for the financial duties that follow. Financial steps to take when a loved one dies. The legal and financial decisions you must make after losing someone you love can be difficult. The last things you...

A survey says we’re holding on to too much cash — do this instead

Shane Murphy A survey says we're holding on to too much cash — do this instead Despite the economic calamity of the past year, a recent study says just over half the country has managed to squirrel away some cash since the first lockdown. That’s encouraging news —...

Retirement Won’t Save For Itself: Here’s How To Save What You Need

CHRIS ARNOLD MEGHAN KEANE Cha Pornea for NPR Retirement isn't going to save for itself. "You have to actively do things to build your wealth," says The Washington Post's personal finance columnist, Michelle Singletary. "It's not like you go get a lotto ticket and you...

Avoid these costly mistakes when rolling over a 401(k) to an IRA

Sarah O’Brien@SARAHTGOBRIEN KEY POINTS Before you move your money, be sure you know the rules that differ between 401(k) plans and IRAs. If the rollover process is done incorrectly, it could be considered a distribution, which would make it subject to taxation and,...