As CFP® professionals, Karl and Kevin use the CFP Board’s six-step planning process to address all of a client’s needs. Because each situation is unique, the process adapts to specific needs and changing situations.

Step 1: Establish the Client-Planner Relationship
Our first step is a discussion about your needs, goals, and expectations about working with a financial planner. This is a no-commitment, complimentary meeting. Together, we determine if a working relationship is mutually beneficial.

Step 2: Data Gathering
After you decide to work with us, we will need a few things from you to develop a comprehensive plan that meets your needs. We further articulate the goals outlined in Step 1 and perform a thorough risk tolerance measurement and data collection inquiry.

Step 3: Analyze and Evaluate
Once our team receives all the necessary data, we crunch the numbers and compare the results to your goals. Your total financial status is analyzed, reviewed, and analyzed again to ensure nothing is overlooked. The final figures are used in preparing recommendations.

Step 4: Presenting the Plan
The data is analyzed and recommendations are formed; we present our recommendations to you and explain your entire financial plan. This is a time for you to ask questions and independently evaluate the plan prior to implementation.

Step 5: Implementation
After the plan is adjusted to your liking and you approve, we implement the suggestions together. This can include the purchase and/or sale of investment products, lifestyle changes, or the opening of new accounts. Decisions are entirely determined by the plan.

Step 6: Continuous Monitoring
Despite best efforts, no financial plan is impervious to the curveballs of life. That’s why we consider financial plans to be a living document. We continuously adjust and adapt your plan to help protect against market swings while addressing your goals.

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